Empowering women 50plus to Wealth, Health and Happiness

Working as a consultant for the fabulous 50-plus crowd has been an adventure, especially when working with women hitting their career stride and thinking, „What’s next?“ I’ve been there, faced with the choice to either scale the corporate Everest or take a graceful exit. Oddly enough, my employer didn’t get it that loving your job and stay, where you are, is an option.

So, I bowed out of the rat race because, let’s face it, my energy was strong one minute and gone the next. Plus, my body was dropping hints that I wasn’t 20 any more. Who am I kidding? I’m way past 20.

Luckily, with a background in Finance and a PhD in Nutrition, I was well-equipped to navigate these changes. What is really important in life? Wealth, health and happiness – sounds straight forward….but as we all know, it is not that easy. And sometimes mutually exclusive. When I work hard and make a good salary, I might accumulate wealth, but the health aspect might fall short. And what about happiness?

My female colleagues were riding the same energy rollercoaster, and those stubborn extra pounds had apparently signed a lifetime lease. They were too clever for quick-fix diets, but starting a real transformation? That’s like deciding to clean out the garage – where do you even begin?

And it’s not just about fitting into those skinny jeans; it’s the mental and physical tug-of-war. We all know we should be taking charge of our health and nutrition, but just thinking about it is enough to send you back to bed. Ready for some change, but not sure what?

If this is hitting home, I get it. Even as an expert, I didn’t always practice what I preached (and boy, did I regret it).

Here are (some of) my pearls of wisdom to help you sidestep the dilemma and weave healthy habits into your daily life:

Energy Hacks Galore! Start sneaking easy physical activities into your day. No need for torturous workouts – just discover something you love. Begin with baby steps; they’re the ninja moves to outsmart ageing.

Technology to the Rescue! Dive into apps that make nutrition tracking and workouts a breeze. It’s like finding cheat codes for your health.

Meal Planning Mastery! You’re a whiz at business strategies, so apply that genius to meal planning. You’re going to eat anyway – might as well make it scrumptious and beneficial.

Remember, age is merely a VIP pass to new beginnings. Your next chapter could be a chart-topper – let’s start writing!

You might be thinking, „Nutrition and health are complicated. With a million different methods and opinions, who’s got the time to sift through what’s legit, what’s suspect, and what’s utter nonsense?“ I totally hear you, and that’s where I come in (minus the nonsense, of course). And what about the wealth part? That’s a huge area, and it might be tough to get rich, after 50. But you can make the best use of all the resources you have accumulated so far.

Keep an eye on this space for no-nonsense myth-busting in nutrition, health, and wellbeing. And bear with me, since this website has been work in progress for some time.

As you might have realized, I just switched from German to English, so it does require some more work.